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Lumiere Films - Dunwich Fishing

The Anglo-Saxon capital of the kingdom of the East Anglia has, over the last 800 years, almost entirely disappeared into the sea. Forming the current edge of this unmade town, Dunwich beach houses upturned hulls and ramshackle fishing huts containing industrial machinery for winching fishing boats. These permanent artefacts suggest a local, small scale fishing industry, an industry for the making of food. In contrast, an individual shore angler carries their portable tools of a personal industry, finding a place on the pebbled beach, looking out to the sea in which the lost town lies buried.


This film has been screened at:

- Sydney Architecture Festival, CineCity at SAF: Connections, Golden Age Cinema, 9th November 2014

- Arquiteturas [Portugal international film festival screening documentary, experimental, animation and fiction films about architecture], Cinema Alvalade, 26th September 2014

- Cinecity 2014 (Highly Commended);

    State Theatre Centre, Perth, 9th May 2014;

    Vivid Ideas, MCA, Sydney, 30th May 2014;

    Testing Grounds, Melbourne, 25th July 2014;

    ACT EmAGN, Canberra, 12th August 2014.