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Rooms 12 Frames

This structural film explores the window, conventionally, as a threshold between interior and exterior, a frame for a view, a divider and connector of space, but also as an organizer of the exterior worlds it frames.


Filmed initially as a video painting comprising 6 minutes, 48 seconds, and 24 frames of footage of a 12-paned window in a house in Austinmer, New South Wales, Australia, this raw footage is restructured into an alternative piece of time and space of the same length and proportion.


The view from the static, interior space of a room is divided by the mullions and transoms of a window, each of the twelve panes framing part of a subtly, but constantly changing external space. Each frame becomes a miniature screen, corresponding to the overall proportions of the screen of the film. As individual frames appear and disappear the action each contains gradually becomes asynchronous with respect to those around them, disrupting both spatial and temporal continuity. The rhythm of the disappearance, appearance, and reappearance of individual frames at times denies a focus on the content of each framed view, while sometimes allowing the fragments displayed on each small screen to be considered more carefully.


The film is a study of the spatial and temporal relationship between interior and exterior space, and the fixed building components that divide and connect them.


This film has been screened at:

- 1st Women Media Arts and Film Festival, The Armory Theatre, Sydney Olympic Park; 29th December 2013

- 2013 Australian International Experimental Film Festival, Loop, Melbourne; May 2013