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Ruins of the Future


G22 Room Installation


PICA Installation





No.33 Grezzo


PICA Installation

This installation was exhibited as part of the 1994 National Graduate Show at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), in Western Australia. The work was comprised of an "architectural fragment" and a projection of a loop of handmade 16mm film. The physical structure suggested architectural elements, but these were modified and subverted - a door was cut out of a wall, but turned a corner; a window was formed, but then abruptly stopped; the walls refused to touch the ground, instead hovering at skirting level.


The projected scratch film introduced the element of time as the flickering, flowing light played across the topography of the architectural fragment. Across the room the 16mm projector (with its loop of film stretching up towards the ceiling) whirred away, providing a continuous soundtrack to the installation. As the users of the space, and viewers of the work, walked between projector and structure they interrupted the beam of light, casting shadows on the installation.