Eleanor Suess



Studio 2.2









Kingston University

Eleanor Suess and Will Burges lead Studio 2.2 at Kingston.



We challenge our students through a range of briefs and sites, engaging them in issues of public and social space.


Over the last few years we have been working on projects which explore the relationship of particular cities to their water bodies, considering how water is a fundamental part of the life of those cities, and how our proposed architectural interventions might use interaction with water for purposes of social sustainability and urban regeneration.


We emphasise that the constructional, structural, and material aspects of the project need to respond both to contextual and programmatic concerns, and are a vital part of the architectural quality of the project.


Eleanor's research into the use of time-based media for architectural representation is integrated into the work of the studio, through the use of lumiere films for contextual studies and for design project representation.