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No.33 Grezzo Installation

No. 33 Grezzo was an installation that took place in August 2011 in a refurbished stone house in a small town in Emilia Romagna, Italy.


The doors and windows of the rooms of the house were filmed from the inside, looking out, with the external shutters open. This footage was then projected onto the walls adjacent to the windows, with the window shutters now closed. This limited the amount of light penetrating into the room and blocked the view outside.


The juxtaposition of the real, closed window, with the filmed, open window, created a new spatial condition, which lasted only as long as the projected footage.


The installation was very temporary, only lasting as long as it took to project a single version of the filmed footage. This was recorded through the shooting of another video, which can be viewed repeatedly, infinitely extending the limited duration of the installation.


The final documentation of the installation shows the space of each of the rooms before and after the installation, with the shutters open and closed, edited together with the original footage through the windows.