Eleanor Suess



Ruins of the Future



G22 Room Installation


PICA Installation




No.33 Grezzo


Ruins of the Future

Ruins of the Future was a series of installations produced for the 1996 Adelaide International Arts Festival. The artists and architects of these installations were selected through an international competition, along with invited participants including Ushida Findlay, Rodney Place, and Mark Robbins.


Eleanor Suess and David Havercroft won third place in the competition for their entry which addressed Colonel Light's complex four grid design for the City of Adelaide as a colonial act of imposing a western order on a foreign territory. The ghost of a facade of a manor house with its own implied estate is a transplantation of another order. Viewing devices, derived from Durer's viewing frame, transplant the grid onto the site. Each of the four viewing frames contains a different skewed grid, reflecting the four grids of Adelaide, all deviating from a true north/south orientation. The grids in the frames project themselves outwards, onto the facade and grounds. Seen from outside the viewing frames, the grids fray further, crossing the space of the site with little apparent logic. The grid in the eye becomes a grid on the land.