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Studio 2.2









Studio 2.2 2009/10 Market Square

Studio 2.2 focussed on market spaces as part of the school-wide Green Grid project.


In Semester 1 the studio studied market spaces in London, and their integration within the urban fabric. The studio visited Barcelona, looking at the market as the focus of the community, and considered the revitalisation of existing market spaces as an act of regeneration.


In Semester 2, Studio 2.2 worked on projects which provided new internal and external public spaces to Upper Norwood, a town on a hill on the periphery of London, adjacent to the large green space of Crystal Palace Park. The introduction of a new Market Square and Community Hall was intended to activate an existing, unused green space, and provide a civic focus to this town which is currently formed of a triangle of roads without a clear centre.


Analysis of public squares in Europe and the US initiated the process of developing site strategies. The new Market Square was formed by the careful placing of the new Community Hall building, which itself could house an internal market. The projects considered the relationship between the internal room of the Community Hall, the external room of the Market Square, and the spaces in the wider context.

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