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Studio 2.2 2010/11 Treasured Artefacts

Studio 2.2 started the year with research into what defines the character of a high street through careful processes of observation and recording using photography, film, drawing, and modelling. The emphasis was on the everyday, utilitarian, and widespread street artefacts that that occupy the urban environment, contributing significantly to the character of the street.


Studio 2.2 then travelled to New York to study a city of grids, cut through by an ancient high road. The street character of New York was compared with London - a grid city versus a medieval one.


In Semester 1 Studio 2.2 based their projects in sites found in New York, designing interventions in relation to local street artefacts in their original, existing context. The interventions within this fast-paced city were slow rooms, places to pause. The rooms each responded to a street artefact and extended its everyday use.


In Semester 2 the artefacts of London streets have been taken out of context, and placed in a new “treasury”, changing their status to objects of value. The new context of the museum has transformed and elevated the ordinary and familiar vestiges of the street into treasured artefacts.

Work [PDF]

Studio 2.2 made Lumiere Films to explore the character of high streets in London and New York.