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Studio 2.2 2014/15 Sound & Light

Studio 2.2 has a long-established passion for the back-of-house or edge condition of remarkable cities; in places defined by their proximity to water, in trade and craft production and in, in particular, the relationship these aspects of ‘intangible heritage’ have to more traditional, built, issues of ‘World Heritage’. In 2014/15 the studio investigated the production, use and housing of sound and light; their inextricable connection to the passage and measurement of time. After spending semester one in the City of London designing a bell tower we left for Venice, that quintessential city of sound and light.


We considered how to design and build in cities so dense with buildings and representations of those buildings that we feel we know them before we’ve arrived. In the last century many of those representations have been moving ones. The Venice Film Festival is the world’s oldest film festival and celebrates medium to low-budget ‘art house’ movie making. In a city of water and reflected light the projected moving image and the lens of the movie camera are as much ways of understanding its unreal built environment as are pencil and paper.


The Biennale College Cinema is a recent initiative of the Festival and is a year long competitive residential workshop which seeks to nurture emerging filmmaking talent. In response the studio brief was to design for them a permanent home. But in opposition to the international and flamboyant festival on the Lido, our film school was sited in a residential district of Venice, emphasising instead its localism and inclusivity – a film school for the people of Venice.


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